Thursday, 22 December 2011

Apocalypse Terraiin: Hab Block Pt 3

I've been casting, sanding and building solidly for the last 2 days! I was desperate to get the Hab Block built before Christmas so that painting could start promptly during the week off i have over the new year. I wasn't completely successful, but have only the corners to sort out! With a handful of solutions in mind, it shouldn't take long to put right.

Here it is! As you can see, the Block was made up of about 98% resin cast panels, the total cost being around the £80 mark. Not bad i think for a building this size! Scale is shown today by members of the Vlka Fenryka! (Soz about the picture quality. They were taken in the evening so i only had the yellowy light to go by!)

And so remains the corner problem. One of my options is to fill it with by new buddy Polyfilla, and it smooth, and add some rivets to it.

I probably wont be doing any more work on this until after Christmas, but it shouldn't take long to put the finishing touches on it and get painting!

Have a great Christmas, and I'll see you on the other side!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Pt 2

Just a quick update on the Hab Block today!

I've now installed the roof of the right wing of the Hab. Theres a lot of floor space to cover in floor panels here, so a bit of support was needed to keep it in one piece. I made a 'H' shaped frame from hardwood for this wing to provide support to the edges and the middle of the floor, secured with Araldite.

I still had the same problems with fitting as i did with the building panels themselves, in that they don't all quite line up neatly! As i despaired at the amount of Milliput I'd need to correct this, Mrs GunGrave suggested i use the liquid Polyfilla that's been collecting dust under the stairs! Shes a GENIUS! If only she was interested in my hobby - think of all the things we could accomplish!!

The tapered nozzle made application a doddle, so if theres any budding Apoc' Terrain builders out there, go and get some of this stuff!

So here it is so far!

As i sat back and stared at the thing, planning the next phase of construction, i was reminded of a large problem that I'd need to fix:

Yeah, the dam panels again! I stupidly installed the corner supports before i began construction, which didn't allow for the irregularities of the panels. These gaps  will have to be filled with something, but I'm not sure what yet!

Finally, a little extra hardwood support for the central tower. The sides of the tower will sit atop these supports.

While all that polyfilla was drying, i slapped a bit of paint onto the Macerators! All they need now is their oil paint wash and their done!

From now until Xmas i think it'll be terrain all the way. I have more resin (and Necron) supplies on the way, and hope to have the Hab Block constructed by the end of next week. If Santa (AKA: The Munitoruim AKA: Forgeworld!) brings me the Rapier Lasers i requested, then I'll be getting well back into the Death Korps for the New Year!!

The GunGrave

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Apocalypse Terrain: Hab Block Pt1

Once i saw all that terrain come together in the Apocalypse game at the weekend, i went a bit terrain mad again! I'm in a similar mode to when i was building the Cathedral - build, build, build, with all painting on hold!

The day after the game i immediately set about planing the Hab Block! A 2.5ft long and 1.5ft high building with plenty of floor space for my Long Fangs to occupy!

Here's where i am at the moment. If you can make it out in all that mess!

The first level is stuck down to  the base, supported by wooden pillars in the corners for stability.

Here's a scale shot with an Elysian in the center! The 'wings' of the Hab will be 2 panels high, while the central tower block will be 5 panels high. The whole structure will run 6 panels deep.

My random scrawling to give you an idea of what im aiming for.

When i moved the base off the desk to let it all dry, i was a bit worried that the base was a bit bendy. There was some ominous creaking as i set it down, so i decided to reinforce the base just to be on the safe side!! 2 strips of sturdy hardwood were glued to the base to prevent it bending, which worked just fine.

These are the panels for the second level, ready to go! I have to wait for a layer of Milliput to dry on the first layer before i can continue. As the pieces are cast in resin and plaster, they don't all quite come out the same, which results in a few different heights! I used the Milliput to make up the difference on the shorter panels, and create a much more even surface for the second level.

So with the first level drying i decided not to waste any time and crack on with an idea i had for some scatter terrain for the Sewage Works. These are Macerators! Where chunky sewage goes to die - well, diced up into little pieces anyway! The tubs are from Morrisons Cotton Buds, and only cost a quid! The pipes you'll recognise from the Pump Station building, except i used a few of the originals here to give the pieces some weight.

Some Cog Mechanicum iconography and some Cities of Death bits to tart it up a bit! The assembly on the top is the motor for the macerator blades within!

So then i found myself waiting for more Milliput to dry! To pass the time, i took these pictures of the new storage Ive just installed in the garage for my fast growing collection of terrain!

These modular shelving units are from B&Q, and were quite pricey. The whole lot (3 strips, 6 shelving brackets, and 2 long shelves) cost me juts over £70. A lot i know, but the space it  creates for me is invaluable, especially as I'm growing out of my hobby room!

Some of the Aqueduct didn't survive the trip to Ponterwyd for the Apoc' game, and will require some touch up. I'm going to try using some clear wood varnish on my terrain pieces to protect them a little more.

Finally, here are some Necron Warriors that i got offa eBay! 30 Warriors for £30 - not bad! They're painted shite, but that's not a problem, because that's what makes them cheap!!

I'm slowly turning them into these - re-sprayed and re-based minis ready for assimilation! With the Hab Block in full swing though, painting might be a while away for these guys.

More on the Hab Block later in the week!

The GunGrave

Monday, 12 December 2011

Apocalypse Game 10.12.2011

APOCALYPSE! Love it! Last Saturday saw 7 of our club membership congregate in a remote primary school in Ponterwyd, Wales, for a titanic clash of arms! A classic 'Good' vs 'Evil' face off!

Myself, Dai and Chris represented the forces of Good - Dai and Chris with their Black Templar's and Pre-Heresy Death Guard, and Me with my Death Korps Armoured Regiment and Praetorian from the Legion Astorum Titan Legion! Around 15,000pts

Calum, Joe, Gareth and Jake commanded the forces of Evil! A diabolical mixture of Chaos Renegades, Tau, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons and Tyranids! They had around 12,000pts - a little less than us, as we opted for more Templar's over an extra Strategic Asset! I lent the guys my Tyranid army as well as the Necron forces i had painted so far  - couldn't be seen to be playing both sides now could I?!

The game. Only one objective - KILL, KILL, KILL! No objectives and no strategy, just a massive mash-up! The table was split diagonally and we deployed 18in either side of the line. To save time, we all deployed at the same time and rolled off for the first turn. Imperials won the roll and went first!

I haven't done a battle report for this game, as there was just to  much going on! What I have below is just a load of pictures from the day.

Here is a pre-deployment picture of  the battlefield. We used 5 GW gaming mats for this table and flipped them over to the black side to better represent an urban environment. 

A shot of the fully assembled Aqueduct!

The Cathedral makes a welcome return!

All of the existing components of the Sewage Works. Once it was set out together it looked like it would cover most of a 6x4 battlefield for standard 40K. I'm gonna make a bit more scatter terrain though - a few more pipes and some small buildings should do it. It looked great though!

I loved the fortifications the lads added to the Cathedral!

Dai's impressive Fortress of Redemption. This became a formidable area of resistance for Evil team.

Imperial deployment. The Marines would form an armoured wedge and drive up the middle in 5 Land Raider Crusaders, while the Death Guard took the left flank and the Guard tanks followed in support (ready to swoop in and take all the glory once the hard work was done!)

Evil deployment. They focused their defence around the Cathedral and the Fortress of Redemption, taking advantage of the many Bastions and Aegis defence lines.

Necrons lurk behind the more.....inferior races!

Dai's Templar reserves!

Templar 'Raiders drive their wedge up the middle towards the Xenos lines.

Homogaunts take a Bastion and turn its weaponry on the Imperials! The Hive Mind always finds a way!!

Chris's Death Guard Drop Pod behind Xenos lines.....

.....catching the attention of the Necrons!

More Death Guard Drop Pods in turn 2.

Templar reserves advance onto the table.

Frantic dice rolling around the Cathedral. 

Tyranids begin to appear on the flanks on Evil turn 2.

Brave Black Templar Terminators charge towards a Stompa!

Ymgarl Genestealers appear behind the hapless Marine Devastator Squads! BOO!

Crisis Suits Deep Strike among Imperial tanks.....fools!

More Ymgarl 'Stealers swamp an Imperial held Bastion!

Templar 'Raiders continue their charge towards Xenos lines! To the left of them the Terminators managed to 'Wreck' the Stompa with their Chainfists, but lost most of their number doing it.

Imperial Navy Vulture Gunships prepare to strafe the Xenos defending the entrance to the Cathedral.

Death Guard gradually move into the rear of the Cathedral, taking advantage of the cover.

The Leman Russ Squadron turn their Demolisher Cannons and Lascannons on the Crisis Suits - who weren't there for long! Sorry Jake.....!

Templar Assault Squads wade into the defenders.

Tau forces were mass assaulted by Templar Squads, as was the second Stompa at the top of the shot.

The charging Templar 'Raiders are finally able to release their deadly cargo! Unfortunately, the Vortex Grenade they were carrying scattered straight back onto the Templar Terminators, instantly killing 3 of them and sucking the wreck of the Stompa into the Warp! Big laughs were had by all!! The surviving Terminators went and took it out on the Renegade Guardsmen manning the barricades!

The battle at its height.

Praetorian continues to provide devastating long range fire support!

So after a full day of slaughter, we called it a day after Turn 3. I have to say though (without any pics unfortunately) at the beginning of Evil Turn 3, they brought on all their remaining Tyranid forces, consisting of a stupid number of monstrous creatures! Between them i think they managed to destroy 13 vehicles and who knows how many infantry! I think if the game could have gone on any longer then the Imperials would have really been in trouble! The Emperor protects.....!

So that concludes all of  our gaming club action until the new year, and what a high to end on! We decided it was a draw, but after those 'Nids turned up, it could have been a loss for the Imperials after another turn or two!

Enjoy the pictures, and we're hoping to get a lot more Apoc' action in when the New Year rolls around!

The GunGrave

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