Wednesday 20 March 2019

JSA - Yojimbo!!

He has a name you just have to shout every time you activate him! The mad motorcycle monster himself, Yojimbo!

The JSA have very limited amounts of smoke access making it difficult to advance up the field safely, especially on more open tables. Yojimbo is the cheapest source of that smoke (out of about 3 options i think!) which sees him secure a spot in nearly every one of my lists. 

He is a handful though, being extremly impetuous and very fast on that bike!

As far as painting goes he was a challenge as well. I didn't want to apply the usually JSA white scheme to him, as he's a mercenary just aligned to the JSA at the moment, not part of the JSA itself. So i went with a cream colour for his bike and the Crazy Koala's. It seemed like a safe choice but it was quite time consuming to get right, requiring a lot of blending and glazing to get the right result.

I used the same blue recipe here on the sword that i used on the Daiyokai. Sadly the sculpt want as crisp on this model, so the end result wasn't were i really wanted it to be. However I'd got to the stage where the model had been on the table for a week or two so he just needed to get done!

As ever the Koala's were fun little models to paint! They had the same cream colour applied as on Yojomos bike.

He took a while to finish but he was worth it in the end!

More soon!

The GunGrave

Friday 15 March 2019

Crit Seekers Infinity Group Presents: Critical Mass!

I went and did a thing!

Our little infinity scene in Worcester UK is organising its first Infinity ITS tournament on May 12th 2019!

This will be a 16 player event following the ITS: X rules.

Details can be found here, as well as ticketing information:

We'd love it if you could join us! Be quick though, we've sold nearly half of the tickets already!

See you there!

The GunGrave

Monday 11 March 2019

JSA - Kampeitai

Today i want to share with you a pair of Kampeitai which will be a cornerstone of my JSA lists.

These models are from the JSA army box (Boarding Shotgun) and the Keisotsu box (Shock Sniper Rifle)

As with most of the new JSA range Corvus Belli really knocked it out of the park when they sculpted these minis!!

I think i enjoyed painting their coats the most. The sculpts were very detailed and forgiving making it easy to get great results here. 

More soon!

The GunGrave

Monday 4 March 2019

JSA - Daiyokai Dengekitai

Hello bloggers!

I'm sorry that I've been away a while and depriving you of your Infinity hobby content. I had a load of pharmaceutical exams to take at the end of last year, which I'm pleased to say i finally passed and now never have to think about again!! This year has been pretty busy as well working towards my promotion, the final interview for which is today actually...!

Over the last 5 months or so I've been able to get a few Infinity models painted, and I've also been playing around with a lot of terrain (which you will have seen if you follow my Facebook or Twitter feeds)

So toady i want to show you my Daiyokai Dengekitai! This was the model that really hooked me into the JSA and made me want to collect and play them. Its a freakin' mecha samurai, whats not to like!!

I used the same white recipe as the rest of the JSA force so far. It was a bit laborious to paint that much white though!!

The twin swords took a bit of time to complete as well, being all done with a brush. Once completed though i not only had a pair of cool looking swords, but a recipe for blue that i could use on other JSA minis as well.

I took my JSA to a tournament in December at FireStorm Games in Cardiff. It was the first time out for my JSA in an ITS setting, and i think i placd second to last! I did however win the painting competition with the Daiyokai so i went away happy!

More soon!

The GunGrave

Monday 1 October 2018

JSA Keisotsu Hacker

The final Keisotsu model is now complete, bringing me up to 6 JSA models done. I'll be running these guys in a Core links team most of the time, but with the abundance of Special link teams on the JSA lists, they may even be mixed with other units to.

Out of all the Keisotsu I think this one was my favorite! Really like the sculpt and I was able to use the refined color scheme to maximum effect after practicing on 5 other models!

Here's the whole gang together!

Now I can treat myself to the big stuff! More on that lot soon!

The GunGrave

Friday 28 September 2018

Age of Darkness 30K Mechanicum Army - for Sale!

Hi all,

Sadly its time to part with another army to raise funds for the basement!

Out of all my 30K armies, the Mechanicum hold a very special place in my heart. The models are drop dead gorgeous and I was able to invest significant time, effort and money into them to build a truly fantastic army!

All things must end though, so I will be loading this lot onto a mass conveyor and shipping them off to fresh battlefields to fight in the Omnisiah's name!

Link to the eBay auction below.

Happy bidding!

The GunGrave

JSA - Yojimbo!!

He has a name you just have to shout every time you activate him! The mad motorcycle monster himself, Yojimbo! The JSA have very limited...