Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Bit More Heresy Death Guard...

Just a quick post today. Another 5 man squad is painted up which will quickly become another 10 man squad when my Forgeworld order arrives.

The Volkite Support Squad is well under way.

Now this Storm Eagle has been in pieces on my shelf for about 6 months! I bought this off a guy in my FLWG for £60 - it was in a hell of a state, being the victim of poor assembly. I pulled it a apart, tidied it up, and put the poor guy back together again.

I was just going to put it on eBay but after all the work it took to restore it, i decided to add it to the Death Guard! Why not.

So the final bits of the Death guard army are on their way from Forgeworld. This included's the last 5 man Tactical Squad, Calas Typhon, Moritarion, a Spartan, and some more Death Shroud and Grave Wardens for good measure!

After that, the blessed Omnissah gets some attention...

The GunGrave

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Deathshroud Terminators Complete

The Deathshroud Terminators are now complete, and now i love them even more! So much i'll be ordering another 5 at the end of the month. They're definitely the most iconic unit that the Death Guard have (aside from Moritarion himself of course)

The bases really came out nice on these guys - gives them a little extra something.

Some detailing on the back of the Terminators.

Arm mounted Chem Flamers.

As with the other Death Guard the shoulder pads were airbrushed with 2 layers of green.

Really pleased with this unit. I've moved onto the other 2 units that are on the table, and they're well on their way to completion. Theres another 40K tournament coming up, and im not sure whether to take these guys  or not. Its in August so im going to get as much done as i can and then decide. Landed second place in the last one, so im hoping for a similar success!

The GunGrave

Thursday, 3 July 2014

On The Table - Heresy Death Guard

So there's been a few new developments on the Heresy Death Guard front. The army is so close to completion, and these units bring it a big step forward.

First up - Deathshroud! I just love everything about these models, they just scream 'bad-ass'! I'd love to have a few more squads of them - maybe later... This unit is nearly done, with just some weathering and washes to go.

As i was rummaging through my hobby storage i found a couple of boxes of those old Urban Basing kits from a few years ago. They were perfect for jazzing up their bases.

I also got started on the penultimate squad of Legionaries. Only 5 more to go after this and that's 40 done and ready!

Lastly there's a Support Squad with Volkite Calivers. Will be parking these lads in some cover to wreak havoc on enemy infantry.

The only units i need after this are Calas Typhon and a Spartan. Save the best till last eh?

The GunGrave

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