Friday, 3 October 2014

Blessing's of the Omnissiah - Krios Battletank

Its been an ambition of mine to get a Mechanicum army going. A while ago i decided to put a big order into Forgeworld and stop dreaming about it! The orders now here, and i quickly set about building and painting these awesome models. First up, the Krios Battletank:

I didn't go with my usual amount of vehicle weathering with this tank. I figured that the Mechanicum would keep their vehicles and machines in top condition all the time, so the only weathering this Krios received was some weathering powder on the tracks.

The models full of steam-punk like details. Love all these cogs!!

Some sort of power plant thing! With the Mechanicum, who knows!

Some heat distortion on the Lightning Cannon.

The pilots throne is packed full of detail.

I went in quite heavy with the Oxide wash that GW do on the brass sections of the Krios. After its success on the Grave Warden Terminators, its my new best friend on brass!

I've got a few more units ready to build and paint (including 2 more Krios!) so expect plenty more Mechanicum soon.

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