Friday, 20 July 2012

I Think my Hobby Mojo just Twitched.....

After weeks of staring at my favourite models for inspiration, assembling new Necron vehicles, and reading through the 6th Edition rules, my lazy gaze finally fell upon my baby-  Heretics Bane!

For those of you who didn't follow its construction, you can see the finished unpainted product here.

This is whats going to get my hobby going again! It hasn't really gone that far yet, but i just got it undercoated yesterday!

I'll also be getting the Twin Linked AA Autocanon turrets done as well!

I'm feeling good about this one!

The GunGrave

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trying to Revive the Hobby Mojo....."CLEAR! - ZAPPP"!

Well hello again!

First of all i want to congratulate all those who've stuck around to see me post absolutely nothing over the last few months!! Since the break up from Mrs GunGrave and the house move, i just haven't found the inspiration in me to pick up a paint brush. That was last done back in March!! Some action  is needed here methinks.....

So - my first attempt was to get some models on the table and try and get inspired that way. I even put some of my fav' Wolves models on there as well for motivation!

But that didn't work! Next up, i bought a Doom/Night Scythe for the oh-so-near-completed 'Crons:

(really liked the kit, another great reason why GW should keep with the plastic!)

That sorta worked! I felt a slight tingling of inspiration, but then it faded again....

The latest effort comes in the form of the new 40K 6th Ed'! I couldn't leave that on the shelf, no matter how uninspired i was!

Overall, I'm really pleased with the new rules set, especially with regards to terrain. As regular readers of the blog well know, i love terrain, and I'm pleased that its got a bigger/more active part to play now.

The new wound allocation rules are interesting, but make a bit of sense. I'm a bit confused about the Flier rules, but nothing a bit more reading wont fix! I'm looking forward to play testing them, but with no gaming club in my town, I'm struggling to find an opportunity. However, I've applied for a new job in Worcester which will see me move there in October if successful. Theres bound to be a GW and local gaming club there which will be sure to breath a bit of life back into the hobby for me!

So that's where i am at the moment. I'm hoping the hobby mojo will return soon, and the blogposts on my blogroll are really helping! In the meantime....

Time for a crappy Nazi-Zombie movie!! Nothing beats a Nazi-Zombie movie!

The GunGrave

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