Monday, 23 February 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Sicarian Venator Complete!

A very important addition to my Death Guard is now complete, a Sicarian Venator! Anti armour firepower is something I've really lacked for this force, relying on the 3 Lascannons in the army so far. This bad boy now provides two S10 AP1 shots a phase, which I'm hoping will swiftly end anything it looks at!

Plus it looks sexy!

The Neutron Laser. This was kept largely free of weathering to make sure it stood out.

The engine exhausts got the same weathering treatment as the rest of the armies tanks.

A bit of heat distortion for the Lascannons.

There's tonnes of detail for the Neutron Laser  along the main hull of the tank.

I haven''t had a chance to give this guy a run out in a game yet, but i'm hoping he'll be able to help me take down a few knights that have been causing me trouble lately...!

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Sands of Istvaan 5 (3)

Its been a while since i did any work on this project, mainly as the campaign planning took a back seat for a while on the run up to Xmas and New Years. However, me and my buddies have revived it again and have been drumming up some interest for participation at our FLWGS, with about 8 interested players so far. The new start date for this campaign is now March 2015, so i decided it was time to crack on with the terrain!

Last post i had just completed these bastions. now they've had a lick of paint, but are still work In progress. The bastions and the rocks were given a coat of Army Painters Chaotic Red. I'm going to leave it at that in terms of the red, i quite like the look of them!

Some access hatches will be added to the roofs.

Heres the rocks - i dont think i'lll be making anymore of these for this terrain set, as the covering was sufficient for a 6x4.

A mate of mine alos has a FW Predator Executioner that was ruined during the build (long story) which he has donated to the project as a wrecked vehicle!

More soon.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender 2015

I knew i had to get tickets for this event as soon as they went on sale, seem's as i'm in full Heresy mode at the moment! So me and my buddy Sam went up to nottingham and spent the weekend up to our eyes in Heresy!

I'll let the pictures do the talking (most you may have seen already doing the rounds), and theres some pictures of our 3 games we got in over the weekend as well. I didn't bother taking photos in the seminars, as the other 299 people were busy doing it!!

For the Weekender i took my Death Guard and Mechanicum!

Really excited about this new Thanatar!!

The Thanatar performed very well in this game, taking out 2 tanks and a Contemptor!

Old Morty, getting stuck in!

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Heresy Era Death guard: Storm Eagle WIP

With the completion of Moritarion i suddenly found myself with a lack of suitable transport. Typhon and his Deathshroud already ride in the Spartan, and I'm not in the position to buy another (to much money spent on Mechanicum!) Then my eyes strayed to the poor Storm Eagle that i rescued from an incompetent modeller over a year ago!

This guy was in a hell of a state when i bought him, poorly prepared and even more poorly assembled! I bought him off a guy at my FLWGS for half the retain price as he was desperate to buy something else (Dropzone Commander i think)

I haven't managed to restore him to his full glory, but after pulling it apart and repairing as much as i could, he looks better than he did. I hoping that a decent paint job will hide the worst of it!

Anyhooo, this is where I'm at right now. Either Typon or Morty will ride in this along with a handful of accompanying Deathshroud.

More on this soon..

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Apocalypse Terrain - Star Scrappers! (1)

Its been a long time since i created an Apocalypse Terrain piece (about May last year i think with Imperator Bridge) As usual, the prospect of another upcoming Apocalypse game gets the creative juices flowing, so i resurrected an old idea i had a few years ago - Star Scrappers! not just one, but two, connected by a Skyway.

Now, it goes without saying that the actual build won't truly represent the name, but i hope the scale of the terrain will be impressive enough.

As with any ambitious terrain project, a degree of forward planning was required. I measured and sketched out the dimensions of the towers onto the bases. These are cut from MDF, and will be removable from the towers themselves for easier transportation and storage.

The main body of the towers will be 6mm MDF. Originally i was going to build the towers from GW building panels, supported by nothing else but each other! This would've created imperfections in the build, and it'll more than likely end up wonky! The MDF will be clad in GW panels and hopefully give me a tower with nice straight  sides.

The first tower with the sides assembled.

The sides are supported by pine strip wood, making the towers very stable.

There's a 6mm recess in the top of the towers so i can sink a roof into it.

Finally a scale shot! That's a Mechanicum Thallax on the base!

I've got until may to get this project finished so i'll casually plod along with this one.

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Heresy Era Death Guard: Moritarion Complete!

Well it's been a long time coming, but Morty is finally finished!! Now he's complete i do wonder why i was so worried about painting him! I'm very pleased with how he came out, and can't wait to try him out in a game (Vulkan and Ferrus Manus are my current rivals!)

Shoulder pad details:

Backpack. lots of oxidisation effect here to break up all that brass.

Look at that hansom face! I kept Morty's mug pale and bland and rather unhealthy looking!

Morty's scythe - which looks big enough to cut a tank in half (and probably has!)

As with all of the FW Character Series, its removable from its scenic base:

Kept it simple for the base, and painted the same way as Typons base. There wasn't much room for magnetising the removable section of the base, but i did manage to squeeze in a tiny one.

With any luck i'll get a game soon and run him out!

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