Sunday, 26 November 2017

Welcome to Crit Seeker!

Welcome readers to my corner of the Human Sphere!

This is new blog dedicated (mostly!) to the game of Infinity!

For 7 years i had previously been uploading content onto my previous blog 'A Guardsmans Guide to Glory', but having now fully shifed game systems away from 40K/30K i decided to re-brand! If you  are a returning reader from AGGTG, then you can still find all the content that was on that blog on this one, simply browse the tags or search the site.

If your new to the site, then you can expect a butt load of Infinity content, as well as the occasional Dropfleet Commander and X-Wing post! Its quite an exciting time to be a wargamer with so may exciting new games being released, so they'll definately be the odd 'non-Infinity' piece of content sneaking in!

Due to work commitments its not always easy to find time to upload onto the blog, so if you want to stay fully up to date with Crit Seeker, then the best way to do that if follow me on Facebook and Twitter where i regularly post!

I look forward to keeping you all furnished with the latest of my hobby activity! Until then!

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