Friday, 26 February 2016

Legio Astorum Knight Errant 2 Complete

With plenty of recent Knight painting experience under my belt, i was able to got this Knight painted up quickly. I have to say, i think this may just be the Legio Astorum's best yet!

I moved away from the Astorum transfers a bit for this Knight, otherwise they'd all look the same. I looked instead to the Imperial Knight transfer sheets for a bit of diversity.

Then went full Astorum on the other shoulder pad!!

I jazzed up the shield with a white stripe this time. I decided to make all the Errants have the same face plate, and i'll do the same with the Paladins as well.

As to not relay to much on the transfers, i went with some stripping on the shin plates.

My favorite part of this paint scheme was the Reaper Chain Sword. I don't know what it didn't occur to me before, but i went with hazard stripping his time. I really like the effect!!

The base was a bit plainer than the other 2 so far, so the barrels, razor wire and lamp post were added afterwards to break it up a bit.

Here's the Astorum Crew so far! Looking sharp boys!

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Monday, 22 February 2016

Legio Astorum Knight Errant 2 WIP

Hot off the heels of the Knight Paladin is the second of my Legio Astorum Knight Errants (though i do have 3 of these planned!)

As you can see, I've done a bit of work on the legs to create a dynamic charging pose for the Knight. The static pose is the only thing i really dont like about the Knight kit.

I cut the joints between at the knee on both legs and re positioned them. I also removed some of the hip joints to adjust the overall position. This helped me create a pose with forward momentum.

Lastly i had to lengthen the leg pistons, as they weren't long enough (or to long in some cases) to accommodate the new pose. This was done using 3mm plastic rod.

The build is near enough complete now, so i'll be on to the painting soon!

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Legio Astorum Knight Paladin Re-Paint

Last post i said i was going to get the first Knight Paladin repainted. I  managed to remove all the armor panels without any problems, which let me get the repainting done quite quickly.

The color scheme is now updated to match the Warlord, Reaver and Knights. I also added some Legio Astorum transfers. 

Much better! Now onto the next one - i've got Knights under my skin now!

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Legio Astorum Knight Errant

So, after a quick pallet cleanse with some Istvaan terrain, i found where i needed to go with the hobby post-Warlord. More Titans! Well, their mini cousins anyway.

I figured that the Legio Astorum needed their Knight Household expanding, as they will be the foot men which proceed the God Machines themselves. As i had 5 Knights waiting to be built, i got to work. First up was a Knight Errant.

The colors are of course that of the Legio Astorum. For such a big and ancient forge world like Lucius, it seemed right that they had their own Knight Household.

To mix things up a bit i added chevrons to the pilots hatch.

Getting the Legio Astorum transfers onto the shoulder pads was a lot of work. Circular transfers just dont do well on rounded surfaces. I also had the same problem with the transfers as i did on the Warlord, in that they seem to dry with this nasty film around the edges. Still working on how to get rid of  that, so if anyone's got any ideas, please let me know.

The transfers went onto the shins a little better, as the surface only curved one way.

The Thermal Canon was washed with some purple and then blue GW washes (i always forget the names!) Then finished off with some black weathering powder.

Finally the basel. This was a lot of fun to do, and i always try and create interesting bases for the larger models. The Knight Astorum will be making their way through a ruined city!

After finishing this Knight i feel that i really need to go back and update the first Legio Astorum Knight i did. I have started taking that apart for a quick repaint, more on that soon.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Sands of Istvaan 5: Salamander Vehicle Wrecks

After the completion of the Warlord i quite honestly felt like i didn't know what to do with myself anymore, like my only purpose in life was now compete! So to try and find my hobby direction again, i turned back to my old friend, Terrain!

The Sands of Istvaan terrain set is pretty much complete except for the addition of a bit of battlefield debris. I had a few old vehicles that i wanted to smash up for terrain, so they were allocated to this project.

Believe it or not this is a Forgeworld Predator! A mate of mine butchered it trying to force it together without reshaping the warped parts....schoolboy error. He asked me to try and fix it, but i couldn't really salvage it fully. So he said i could just keep it! So i chopped it up a bit, and set fire to it - literally! This will be a fine wreck.

A quick paint job later, and we have a nice Salamanders wreck!

But whats a burnt out wreck without some burnt out corpses! These were fantasy skeletons bought cheap from my FLGS.

Miraculously i actually found a random Salamanders brass etch as well! Not so fire proof now eh lads?!

Some anti-tank weaponry has also had a crack at this Predator, just to make sure its dead!

After thoroughly enjoying the Predator, i quickly raided my bits boxes for an old Rhino i knew i had lying around. This is a proper old school Rhino, so fitted perfectly with the Heresy theme.

The Rhino's  cause of death is a little more obvious than the Predators. Its been hit head on by a very powerful anti-tank weapon.

Right the way through the Rhino! Ouch!

A few bolter holes for good measure from an over enthusiastic Traitor!

It looked like this over enthusiastic Traitor was also packing a Multi Melta!

I'm really pleased with these simple bits of scatter terrain, it'll really liven up the terrain set. As i was on a role, i chopped up an old 40K Land Speeder as well! Fortunately for my poor collection i'd now run out of tanks and vehicles to kill, so this will be the last one!

As soon as i get a game with the terrain set i'll get some pictures up!

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